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The BSSP Board of Directors schedules regular meetings in October, December, March and May, preceded by a meeting of the Executive Committee.  Nominating Committee meetings are scheduled as needed based on the election cycle or mid-term vacancies.  Additional, special meetings may be scheduled as necessary and may be conducted telephonically with locations noticed in the agenda for public comments.  Occasionally, meetings are cancelled and/or rescheduled as necessary based on agenda topics and director availability.  Agendas are posted a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the meetings and minutes are posted after approval at a subsequent meeting of the board.  Review the agenda for each meeting's location.

Public Comments 

In accordance with the BSSP Governance Handbook, each agenda will include a time reserved for comments from the public:  Members of the public will identify themselves and will direct their comments to the Chairperson.  Speakers will be given five minutes to present their topic. Each topic will be limited to 15 minutes or three speakers. Once 2 speakers have shared a similar viewpoint, the Chairperson will ask for a differing viewpoint. If no other viewpoint is represented, a third speaker may present. Speakers will not be allowed to yield their time to other speakers. Speakers will respect the time limit granted for their presentation. Those speakers unwilling to respect the time limit will be asked to discontinue their presentation by the Chairperson. An unwillingness to halt a presentation after being directed will, at the discretion of the Chairperson, result in the meeting being called into “recess” until such time that the meeting can resume in an orderly fashion.

  • No disturbance or willful interruption of any Board of Directors meeting shall be permitted. Persistence by an individual or group shall be grounds for the Chairperson to terminate the privilege of addressing the meeting.
  • Members of the public will be given an opportunity to address the Board either before or during the Board’s consideration of each item of business to be discussed at regular or special meetings.
  • Speakers will identify themselves and will direct their comments to the Board.
  • Each speaker will be allowed five (5) minutes to address the Board.
  • In case of numerous requests to address the same item, the Board may select representatives to speak on each side of the item.
Americans with Disabilities Act 

The Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs conforms to the protections and prohibitions contained in Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof.   A request for disability-related modification or accommodation, in order to participate in a public meeting of the Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs, shall be made to:  Christy Patterson, Executive Director, BSSP, 500 Cohasset Road, Suite 24, Chico, California 95926, 530-879-7438.


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