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About BSSP

BSSP provides comprehensive, high-quality, and well-managed wellness, safety and risk management programs.

The Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs JPA was formed in 1982 to self-insure our area schools for medical, dental and vision service.

What is a JPA? A joint powers authority (JPA) is a “special district” under the California Government Code. It allows public entities to join together to “pool” resources, in this case, health benefits. In this case, having a larger “pool” reduces rates and administrative costs.

Over 4,300 employees and retirees participate in the program. Including spouses and dependent children, the BSSP JPA provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance services to more than 12,000 people. Thirteen school districts, the Butte County Office of Education and the Butte-Glenn Community College District make up the 15 members of the JPA.

Claims are administered by Anthem Blue Cross, Delta Dental, Vision Service Plan and The Hartford. Additionally, Alliant Insurance Services provides consultation to BSSP’s administration and board, as needed, to design the most efficient and effective program for BSSP’s members.

In 1996, BSSP added a property and liability program for its members. 

The Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs is governed by a board directors. The Board consists of a management and labor representative from each member district. Votes of the board members are weighted according to the percentage of contributions to each self-funded program, with every board member having a least one vote. The Board meets regularly to approve the budget, expenditures, premiums and plan offerings, review and approve financial statements and oversee the general operations of the BSSP.

Additionally, there is a seven member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is a working committee that makes recommendations to the full board of directors regarding the operations of BSSP. The Committee consists of four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) as well as three district representatives: one for districts under 1,000 ADA, one for districts with ADA between 1,000 and 4,000, and one for districts with more than 4,000 ADA.

​The BSSP also has an Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day administration, management and operation of BSSP’s programs.  The Executive Director is a liaison between the BSSP Board and the member districts, district school boards, employees and consultants.

BSSP’s medical program is provided in a partnership with Self-Insured Schools of California, a JPA operated out of the Kern County Office of Education. Dental and vision, as well as property and liability, programs are self-funded, meaning the BSSP bears the risk of and pays all claims directly through its third-party administrators. Third-party administrators are paid a per-claim or per-member fee for the administration of claims. 

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