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Medical: Medicare Retirees

CompanionCare Medicare Supplement Plan

BSSP’s participating Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents have the option of participating in the CompanionCare Medicare Supplement Plan, offered in partnership with Self-Insured Schools of California.  

  • Enrollees may reside anywhere in the United States.  Members may access services from any provider which bills and accepts Medicare -- no provider network restrictions. 
  • No out of pocket costs when Medicare-approved services are delivered by a provider who accepts the Medicare assignment; CompanionCare will pay your Medicare deductible and coinsurance.
  • Medicare Part D drug coverage is included in the CompanionCare plan.
  • To participate in this Plan, you must be entitled to Medicare Part A and be enrolled in Part B. You must continue to pay your applicable Part B premium. Please note you can only be enrolled in one Medicare Part D stand-alone, a supplement plan with prescription drug coverage, or Medicare Advantage Plan at a time. If you are currently enrolled in one of these plans, you may be dis-enrolled from that plan. If you enroll in one of these plans in the future, you may be dis-enrolled from this plan.
  • Original Medicare is the primary payer and CompanionCare is the secondary payer. You will present your red, white and blue Medicare Card and your Anthem CompanionCare ID Card when seeking services. Anthem Blue Cross is the claims processor for the CompanionCare plan. You are not restricted to an Anthem provider network.
  • Navitus Medicare Rx is the company that administers the Medicare Part D coverage. Costco Pharmacy is the provider for Mail Order prescriptions.
  • Additional member benefits include access to the Silver & Fit Fitness Program.
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