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DOT Testing Consortium

As a service to its member districts, the Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs operates a consortium for required random alcohol and drug testing under the US Department of Transportation's (DOT) Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 (OTETA) and the Code of Federal Regulations DOT-FMCSA, 49 CFR part 382.   

The consortium covers approximately 200 safety-sensitive positions for certain K-12 districts in Butte County as well as the Butte County Office of Education and Butte-Glenn Community College District.  Under the OTETA, each year 10% of the consortium participants must be randomly selected for being under the influence of alcohol while performing a safety-sensitive position and 50% of the participants must be similarly tested for the influence of drugs. 

Who is affected?  Any person who holds a commercial drivers license is considered to have consented to such testing as is required by an state or jurisdiction as well as any safety-sensitive function (mechanic, etc.). 

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