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Free and Low Cost Added Value Benefits

In addition to comprehensive medical and prescription coverage, your BSSP Anthem medical plan is bundled with a number of additional benefits available free* or low-cost.

*Members exclusively covered under an HSA/MEC medical plan may pay additional amounts Contact the benefit partners listed below for additional information about your cost under an HSA/MEC plan.  

Added Value Benefits Flyer
Free Preventive Care with In-Network Providers 

Well exams (adult and child), many screening procedures (including screening mammograms and colonoscopies), and preventive vaccinations are available at $0 with network providers. 

Visit to search for in-network providers.

Free* Primary Care Office Visits - Anthem 

The first three primary care office visits are at $0 copay (office visit charge, only) with Anthem network providers.  Additional services are billed separately and subject to deductible and/or co-insurance.

*HSA/MEC plan members must meet the deductible before the three primary care office visits are at $0 copay.

Free* Generic Medications - Costco (Retail and/or Mail Order) 
Costco logo

At both retail and mail order, $0* generic non-narcotic medications are available. You do not need to be a Costco member.

Call your local Costco pharmacy (Chico Costco 530-342-8892) or visit

*HSA/MEC plan members must meet the deductible before $0 generics are available. 

Low-cost* 24/7 Physician Access for Medical and Mental Health Needs - MDLive 
MDLive Logo

Anthem medical plans include access to MDLive.  Video- or telephone-based office visits are just $10 (~$50 on a non-HSA/MEC plan) and are available 24/7/365.

  • When should I use MDLive?
    • When the HWC is not available (late evenings, Sundays, holidays, etc.)
    • Instead of going to ER or another urgent care center for a non-emergency issue
    • If your primary doctor is not available
    • When traveling and in need of medical care
  • To register, call 888-632-2738 or go online to
How to Register for MDLive


Free* Virtual Primary Care - Eden Health 
Eden Health Logo
  • Who Is Eligible?
    • Employees and dependents enrolled in an Anthem non-HSA plan.
  • What Is Available?
    • Free 24/7 access to a Care Team who works together to offer you primary care, mental health support, and answers to follow-up care questions through one app.
  • How to Get Started...
    • Download the Eden Health app via iTunes or Google Play

*Employees enrolled in an HSA/MEC plan are not eligible for Eden Health.

Free Expert Medical Opinion Services - Teladoc Medical Experts 
Teladoc logo

If you're faced with questions like "How can I be sure of my diagnosis?", "Do I have the best treatment plan?" or "Where can I get a reliable medical opinion?" then Teladoc Medical Experts is a service for you.

​Teladoc Medical Experts matches patients to the leading doctors on their specific conditions, who work with you to be sure of your diagnosis and recommend the best path for treatment.

Ask them anything. It’s free to all members enrolled in any Anthem plan, it’s easy, and it’s 100% confidential. 

Call 800-835-2362 or visit for more information.

Free* Personal Health Coaching - Vida Health 
VIDA logo

Vida is an app-based service that provides access to a virtual care platform that treats a full range of lifestyle, chronic and behavioral conditions via a digital coaching app on your smart phone or tablet.

The program includes a health coach who can help members:

  • manage chronic medical conditions
  • cope with stress, anxiety and depression
  • lose weight
  • improve sleep
  • and much more

When a member signs up for Vida they get:

  • Their own dedicated health coach or therapist
  • A health plan that is customized to meet their unique goals and lifestyle
  • Personalized lessons, tips and tools
  • Access to Vida’s secure mobile app and website so they can message or chat with their coach — anytime, anywhere
  • Smart devices like a scale, an activity tracker, and a blood pressure cuff that sync with Vida so the member can, along with their coach, easily track their progress.

The program is FREE for members enrolled in an Anthem non-HSA/MEC plan!   

​To get started...

  • Visit and click the Get the app button.
  • Enter your mobile number and we’ll text you a link to download the app. You’ll need to select “SISC (Self-insured Schools of California)” as your organization when you sign up.
  • Call 855-442-5885

*This benefit is not available to Anthem HSA/MEC, CompanionCare or Kaiser plan members.

Hip, Knee and Spine Surgical Benefit - Carrum Health 
Carrum Health logo

Carrum Health is a special surgery benefit that provides exclusive access to California's top-rated hospital and doctors at Scripps Health in San Diego, CA or Stanford Valley Care in Pleasanton, CA for a significantly improved patient experience over many local or regional hospitals.  

What procedures are eligible?

  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Cervical spinal fusion
  • Lumbar spinal fusion

Why use Carrum Health for your surgery?

  • PERSONALIZED support throughout your journey
  • TOP QUALITY hospitals and doctors in California
  • $0 (non-HSA plans) or plan deductible (HSA/MEC plans) out of pocket costs

To get started, visit Carrum Health's website at or by calling 888-855-7806.

Free* Remote Physical Therapy for Muscle & Joint Issues - Hinge Health 
Hinge Health logo

Experiencing chronic pain? Hinge Health is here to help.

Hinge Health is a pioneering digital therapy program to help you conquer chronic back or joint pain, without drugs or surgery. It can be done at home - no need to schedule PT appointments. The average participant reports a 60% pain reduction by the end of the program.

Each element of the program is delivered digitally, and includes:

  • Personalized exercise therapy to improve strength and mobility. You'll receive tailored stretching and strengthening activities delivered through Bluetooth-connected motion sensors and tablet, providing you with real-time feedback.
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 health coaching to support you throughout the program, and keep you motivated.
  • Interactive educational content every week on how to manage your specific condition, your treatment options, common misconceptions, and more.

The program is FREE for members enrolled in an Anthem non-HSA/MEC plan!   

To get started, visit Hinge Health or call 855-902-2777.

*This benefit is not available to Anthem HSA/MEC, CompanionCare or Kaiser plan members.

Enhanced Cancer Benefit* - Contigo Health Oncology Center of Excellence 
Contigo Health logo

What is the Oncology Center of Excellence?
In partnership with Contigo Health, the Oncology Center of Excellence Program is a specialized health care program that enables members to obtain expert care and support from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Center of Excellence, City of Hope. The National Cancer Institute has designated City of Hope as a comprehensive cancer center, an honor reserved for only 50 institutions nationwide.

What's covered under the Oncology Center of Excellence?
Program elements include:

  • An expert in-person or virtual evaluation at a recognized Center of Excellence, by a multidisciplinary cancer-focused clinical team led by an oncology expert specializing in the patient’s particular type of cancer.
  • Treatment options that may not be available in the member’s local community.
  • Navigation and advocacy support provided by the Contigo Health care management team every step of the way.
  • 12 month follow up, to assist the patient with decision support or other resources available in the member’s local community.

How much will the program cost?
If you are enrolled in a non-HSA/MEC plan, program services are paid at 100% and your deductible does not apply. If you are enrolled in an HSA/MEC plan, your program services are covered at 100% after meeting your deductible per IRS guidelines.

If I travel to an Oncology Center of Excellence, will my travel expenses be covered?
Transportation, lodging, and a daily stipend for meals/expenses for you and a companion will be covered and coordinated through Contigo Health. Per IRS guidelines, a portion of the travel expenses covered may be treated as taxable income. Please check with your tax accountant about this topic.

Will I have access to clinical trials?
Yes. All patients will be evaluated for clinical trials for which they may be suitable candidates. City of Hope aggressively pursues ways to help their patients right now – not years from now. That focus puts City of Hope among the worldwide leaders in administering clinical trials. City of Hope is currently conducting more than 500 clinical trials, enrolling more than 6,200 patients.

Does everyone with a cancer diagnosis need to use the Oncology Care Program?
No, this program is optional and is not required. The Oncology Center of Excellence program was created to help with navigating a diagnosis and treatment, but you are not required to use the program. This program is available for eligible members who are looking for a program that provides assistance with navigating the process.

How do members access this benefit?
Call Contigo Health at (877) 220-3556. The Cancer Patient Advocate Nurses are available from 6am-6pm Pacific Time, M-F. You can also submit an online intake form by visiting

Do eligible members need a prior authorization from Anthem to access this benefit?
No, carrier authorizations are not needed for the Oncology Centers of Excellence Program.  Contigo Health may require you to complete an authorization for treatment form.

Free Virtual Maternity and Postpartum Support - Maven 
Maven Logo




 Maven offers 24/7 virtual access to one-on-one maternity and postpartum support at no cost during pregnancy and up to one year postpartum for employees and spouses/partners enrolled in any Anthem plan.

Members are matched with a Care Advocate who connects them to trustworthy maternity and postpartum content delivered by doctors, specialists, coaches and other maternity providers. Care is specific to the issues new parents may be experiencing and include:

Pregnancy Support

  • Midwives
  • OB-GYNs
  • Doulas
  • Birth Planning
  • Prenatal Nutritionists
  • Mental Health Specialists
  • Loss Support

Postpartum Support

  • Infant Care Advice
  • Pediatricians
  • Lactation Counseling
  • Infant Sleep Coach
  • Emotional Support
  • Back-to-Work Support
  • Career Coaching

Members who meet the following criteria will also get a free 6-month diaper subscription!

  • Enroll in the Maven program during their first or second trimester
  • Have an intro call with a Care Advocate
  • Have two appointments with Maven providers during pregnancy
  • Complete the exit survey when their baby is born

To activate your membership, download the Maven app or visit

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