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Double Coverage

Double Coverage

Throughout BSSP's medical, dental, vision and life insurance programs we have a number of households where both spouses are eligible for BSSP benefits as an employee.    



Although someone may have two medical plans, there is generally no benefit to double medical coverage.  BSSP recommends the following:​
For households with two full-time BSSP employees:  One spouse enroll in the selected plan and the second spouse enroll in the Waiver Fee.  Because the family will have only one plan, the birthday rule does not apply and it does not matter which spouse elects the selected plan.  Coverage may be held in the name of either spouse, with all family members covered by the selected spouse's plan.   This arrangement will: 

  • Not reduce any benefit under your selected BSSP+SISC plan.
  • Not change your payroll rebate or deduction. MEC-HSA and Waiver Fee premiums are the same.  Waiver Fee also qualifies for the 25% double-covered discount. 
  • Qualify as enrollment in a medical plan as required for full-time employees.
  • Eliminate coordination of two medical plans, identification cards, claims, explanations of benefits, etc. for claims incurred after January 31, 2023.  

For households with a BSSP+SISC medical plan PLUS medical coverage outside of BSSP:   The BSSP-eligible employee should maintain coverage for all eligible family members in order to access BSSP's Health and Wellness Centers and the other added-value benefits available through BSSP.   Here are come things to consider with double medical coverage:

  • Two medical plans will generally coordinate to the richest benefit of both plans, but double-benefits are generally not available.   
  • Generally, a lesser plan will not reduce the deductible or out of pocket limits of a richer plan.
  • Claims must be submitted to the primary plan before the secondary plan.  An employee is primary on his/her own plan; secondary on his/her spouse’s.  Generally, children are primary on the parent with the earliest birth date in the calendar year.
  • Each claim will apply to the deductible and out of pocket limits of both plans. 
  • You are encouraged to submit prescription claims to the richest prescription benefit of the two plans.  



Unlike medical, there are benefits to having two dental plans.  Both plans will pay to the limit of each plan, not to exceed the allowed amount of the claim.



Benefits on each plan may be accessed separately or combined to offer a higher allowance towards a single benefit. 


Life Insurance (The Hartford)

Where both spouses are covered under BSSP's employer-paid group term life insurance program through The Hartford, supplemental life insurance may not be purchased on the spouse.   Each spouse should purchase the desired amount of supplemental employee life insurance.  And, the supplemental child life policy should be purchased through one spouse, only.  

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