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How Viral Food Trends Influence Your Oral Health

The internet can be a wild place, especially when it comes to food trends. Whether it’s a brand-new creative recipe or simply a combination of a few unexpected foods, you can find a video of people cooking or consuming almost anything.

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Viral food trend: nature’s cereal

What is it? Coconut water, ice and fresh berries mixed in a bowl.

This trend certainly offers some good-for-you nutrition – berries provide vitamin C to support healthy gums, and coconut water has potassium that helps your teeth and bone use calcium more efficiently.

Is it smile friendly?

This is a fun, tasty and smile-friendly treat, as long as you don’t chew the ice, which can chip your teeth, damage your enamel or loosen fillings and crowns. You can also just leave out the ice and enjoy fresh fruit mixed in coconut water.

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