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BSSP HWCBSSP's slogan has been, for many years, "Health Employees Supported by Quality, Well-Managed Programs."  On January 30, 2014, BSSP launched another significant benefit in support of that statement:  The Butte Schools Health and Wellness Center.  

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The Health and Wellness Center (HWC) is dedicated to providing urgent, primary and preventive care solely to employees, retirees and family members covered by BSSP's Alder, Birch, Cedar and Dogwood medical plans.   Some of the services provided at the HWC include:





Laboratory Services

Health Risk Assessments and follow-up visits
Wellness coaching
Physicals, including well-woman exams

Sore throat
Cut, sprains, strains
Muscle and joint pains                         


Blood Pressure       

Blood draws and specimen collection for most laboratory tests, including those ordered outside of the HWC 

Our Providers

Karen Kushner, PA-C
Karen has been a PA-C for many years and has also served as a National Disaster Responder with the Red Cross; a family practitioner in a rural clinic; adolescent health provider in a school-based clinic; and adjunct faculty at Oregon Health Sciences University Pediatric Residence program.  Karen 
Ken Owen, PA-C   
Ken has been a PA-C for nearly 8 years and also has extensive experience as an exercise physiologist.  He has trained in several areas of medicine including primary and urgent care as well as pediatrics and in-patient acute hospital care.  Ken 
Shannon Spiller, PA-C   
Shannon has 26 years of experience as a patient care advocate.  She is a PA-C, Certified Life Coach Practitioner, and has previously worked as a nurse.  Her mission is to make a positive contribution to the wellness of BSSP members by empowering them to live a rewarding life of integrity and gratitude so that their full potential is realized.  Shannon 



 BSSP has partnered with Healthstat for clinic management and operation.  Healthstat is the leading provider of on-site primary care, health-risk intervention, chronic care management and occupational medicine. Healthstat creates an environment of wellness that works by offering solutions that improve employee health while lowering costs. Healthstat's goal is to inspire a change in healthcare for the better. They guarantee it.

 Member Art Gallery

The HWC is dedicated to exclusively serving you -- our covered members -- and your family and we'd like your help in decorating.  The walls are painted but a bit bare and the vision is that they will display your work for all HWC visitors to see. 

Loan us original artwork created by your or your covered family member for display in the HWC.  Submissions will be displayed through March 31, 2014, and subsequent submissions will be displayed in 3-month cycles ending in June, September and December.  All submissions will be returned to you at the end of the display period.

  • Hanging art:  Paintings, photographs, tapestries, quilts, framed writings, etc.  Work submitted must be in a condition suitable for hanging on the wall and must be framed or have a sufficiently-rigid border in order to be hung from picture hooks or clamps. 

  • Digital submissions:  Send digital images of your co-workers at work or your family engaged in a healthy activity, a community event, Bidwell Park, or the sunset reflecting over the rice fields. Digital images will be displayed on a scrolling digital picture frame in the HWC lobby. 

  • Other submissions:  We also have some limited space to display your original pottery, sculptures, carvings, etc.   

Email a photo of your art and this submission form to for consideration.  BSSP and HWC staff will select the works to be displayed from the submissions received and reserve the right to refuse display of any submission.  All displayed items remain the property of the individual submitting the item.  BSSP, HealthStat, Inc., its staff, directors and owners are not responsible for displayed items which are lost or damaged.

To schedule an appointment, call 866-959-9355 (toll-free), 530-879-7582 (Chico), or 530-532-5918 (Oroville) . The HWC is open on the following schedule, subject to change:

   Chico  Oroville    
 Monday   8AM-7PM   
 Closed 1PM-  2PM
 8 AM - 6 PM   The Health and Wellness Center will be closed on the following days in observance of Healthstat, Inc., holidays:

New Years Day (January 1)
Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
Memorial Day (last Monday of May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (first Monday of September)
Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November)
Christmas (December 25)
 Tuesday  6AM-7PM  8 AM - 6 PM  
 Wednesday       7AM-7PM  7 AM - 5 PM  
 Thursday  7AM-7PM  7 AM - 5 PM  
 Friday  7AM-5PM
Closed 12PM-1PM
 7 - 11 AM  
 Saturday  9AM-1PM  Closed  
 Sunday  Closed  Closed  

The Chico Health and Wellness Center is located at 500 Cohasset Road, Suite 24.  From Highway 99E, take the Cohasset Road exit and proceed west towards Mangrove and Cohasset roads.  Turn right on Cohasset Road and take the second right at Parmac Road.  Turn right into the first driveway.  The Health and Wellness Center is located straight ahead in the center of the complex.

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The Oroville Health and Wellness Center is located at
1876 Bird Street in Oroville. From Highway 70, take the Montgomery Street exit.  Follow Montgomery St. to Lincoln St.  Turn right onto Lincoln, then left on Bird St. The Health and Wellness Center is located across the street from BCOE.

Does the HWC accept walk-in patients?
To minimize the wait time and sharing of germs for all members, scheduled appointments are required.  Same-day appointments will be available, so please call as soon as you need an appointment.  

Who is providing services at the HWC?
Ken Owen, PA-C, Karen Kushner, PA-C, and Shannon Spiller PA-C will be treating you at the HWC either in Chico or Oroville.  As certified physician assistants, all are licensed health care professionals who practice medicine and bring a breadth of knowledge and skills to your care.  They can do a variety of procedures, including, take histories, conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventative health care, and write prescriptions.

Kenneth Logan, MD, serves as their supervising physician.  Although he is not available for patient care through the HWC, he regularly review spatient files and offer consultations to the HWC providers.   

Who can be a seen at the HWC?
Any employee or family member covered under BSSP's medical plan is eligible for services at the HWC, including children age 2 and over.

What is the cost of services at the HWC?
For members covered under Alder or Birch plans, all services are free, generic prescriptions are $4 and brand name prescriptions are $8.  

Per IRS code, for 
those covered under Cedar and Dogwood, there is a $25 co-payment for non-preventive visits which includes lab draws taken or prescriptions dispensed during the visit.  Lab draws done at a separate visit are $25; generic prescriptions dispensed separately are  $4 and brand name prescriptions are $8. 

Payment via cash, credit card, or check is due at the time of your visit and will not be billed.  

What are the benefits of using the HWC?

Cost savings for you:  Use of the HWC is free to most members – that means you don’t pay a deductible, copayment or co-insurance fee.  Per IRS codes, members covered under the Cedar or Dogwood plans will be charged for non-preventive care but at a much lower rate than services provided outside the HWC.  

Cost savings for everyone:  Operation of the HWC is projected to reduce costs of the BSSP medical plans as a whole, by providing competitive services at a lower rate and also reducing members' need for future medical care by improving wellness. That means slower monthly premium increases over time for all BSSP members. 

Convenience:  If you aren’t well and need a same-day appointment, call the HWC at 1-866-959-9355 or 530-879-7582 to schedule your appointment.  Waiting at home for a same-day appointment will likely minimize your discomfort and prevent spread of disease throughout the waiting room.  

What do I need to do before receiving services at the HWC?
The HWC will have your eligibility information already on file.  At the time of your appointment, you will need to provide a photo ID for verification purposes.  Adults should also complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  If you haven't already completed an HRA, call 1-866-959-9355 or 530-879-7582 to schedule one.    

Click here to access your Health and Wellness Center patient portal.  

Click here to review the Healthstat Patient Portal manual.  

If you are unable to access your account, click here.  

A focus on wellness is the cornerstone to BSSP's Health and Wellness Center (HWC), and that focus starts with obtaining your baseline health information. 

Health Risk Assessments

BSSP has a long history of offering biometric health screenings each fall and spring.  With the implementation of the HWC, our biometric health screenings will now be offered as Health Risk Assessments (HRA) through the HWC and include:

  • Health and Wellness Questionnaire 
  • Measurement of blood pressure, height and weight
  • Fasting blood test for triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar and prostate antigen
  • Evaluation of body mass index

HRAs are available at no cost to any covered member and may be scheduled at the HWC by calling 866-959-9355 or 530-879-7582.  Completion of a Health Risk Assessment qualifies you for a $20 incentive reimbursement.  To download the incentive reimbursement form, click here.

Need another copy of your prior HRA results?  Click on the "Request another copy of your HRA" link below.  Then, at the bottom of that page, enter your information and another copy will be sent to you.

Request another copy of your HRA 

The point-of-care dispensary is now open at the Health and Wellness Center (HWC).  The HWC Dispensary can dispense those medications which are included in the formulary and prescribed by the HWC provider at the time of your visit.  Now, there's no need to stop at the pharmacy or request mail order for many of your prescription needs.  

The HWC Dispensary is not a traditional "pharmacy" and cannot fill prescriptions from an outside provider.  The HWC provider may dispense maintenance medications, if in the formulary, which have been previously prescribed by an outside provider after an office visit with the HWC provider.  

Generic medications included on the formulary are available at a $4 copayment; the copayment for brand name medications is $8.  Click here for a current list of items available in the HWC dispensary.  Note re dispensary list:  Most items are generic; "Brand Name" is listed only as a cross-reference unless there is a "B" under the "Brand" column, in which case the brand name is available.

NOTE:  In order to comply with all regulations set forth by the Medical Board and Board of Pharmacy, the patient must be seen by the Healthstat Provider before drugs are dispensed.