Medical and Prescription 2017

SISC BSSP              

Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs is pleased to partner with Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC) for medical and prescription benefits beginning July 1, 2017. This partnership allows BSSP to continue offering the highest level of benefits while reducing future rate increases. Some transition highlights are... 

  • NO phantom coordination of benefits; no requirement for spouses to obtain coverage from their employer.

  • Continued access to Anthem PPO provider network.

  • Deductible and Out-of-Pocket accumulators changing to a calendar year cycle (January - December). All claims incurred from January - June under BSSP will transfer to BSSP+SISC plan accumulators for remainder of 2017 (July - December).

  • Prescription and maternity benefits for all covered family members.

  • 4th Quarter Deductible Carryover:  medical deductibles incurred 10/1-12/31 apply to following year’s deductible on non-HSA plans.

  • Composite medical premium reduced to 75% for double-BSSP coverage.

  • Option to waive active BSSP+SISC coverage when covered under Medicare, Tri-Care, Medi-Cal or subsidized Covered California.

  • Non-Medicare retirees under age 65 choose from same plans as actives.

    Active Employees and Non-Medicare Retirees

    Click here if you are covered as ...

    • An active employee or the spouse, registered domestic partner or child of an active employee

    • A retiree not yet eligible for Medicare

    • The spouse or registered domestic partner of a retiree AND you are not yet eligible for Medicare (regardless of the retiree's Medicare status)

    • The only dependent child of a retiree eligible for Medicare.

    Medicare Retirees

    If you are a retiree eligible for Medicare or the Medicare-eligible spouse/registered domestic partner of a retiree, click here.