BSSP's fully-insured life insurance coverage is purchased from The Hartford.  In addition to group term life coverage of $10,000 or $50,000, eligible employees of participating districts may elect supplemental employee ($10,000-$300,000) and/or spouse ($5,000-$100,000) life and accidental death or dismemberment coverage as well as $5,000 supplemental dependent life coverage.  Evidence of Insurability may be required based on your requested amount of supplemental coverage.  

Coverage with The Hartford also provides ...

Policy Documents

Gridley Unified

Group Term and AD&D $50,000

Palermo Management and Confidential

Group Term and AD&D  $50,000


Palermo - All Other Employees

Group Term and AD&D  $50,000


Employees of All Other Districts

Group Term and AD&D  $10,000

Group Term and AD&D  $50,000


Optional Life Enrollment form
Beneficiary Designation form

Life benefit claim form  (policy number 402720)

Website: benefits

Claims Customer Service: 1-888-563-1124

Global emergency services/Europ Assistance USA: 800-243-6108 or 202-828-5885 (collect call) travel assistance ID number GLD-09012