Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

Work. Home. Family. Friends. Fido. Balancing the demands of life can be stressful — the good news is we can help.

We’re your Employee Assistance Program.  And we’re here to help make your life easier. We’re the folks you turn to when life throws you some curve balls and you’d like a little help. We’re a sympathetic ear and so much more.

We’re an extra set of hands.  At www.anthemeap.com (Company code "SISC")find everyday legal forms at your fingertips: wills, rental agreements and more. Catch an online seminar and plan your dream vacation. Or, let us show you how to assemble supplies so you’re prepared for natural disasters or emergencies.

We’re your know-it-all neighbor. Looking for child care and summer camps for your kids? Come to us. If you’re a caregiver for older loved ones, we’ve got the scoop on that, too. From home health care to support groups in your area, we’ll track them down for you. And whether you’re moving in or moving out of the neighborhood, you can count on us. Get tips on howto buy or sell a house and find a mover. Check out some great advice on buying a car. Find education opportunities — for your children and yourself.

We’re your watch dog.
Why worry about identity theft? Get identity monitoring for free. And keep an eye on your credit.Learn how to get your free annual credit report. Know more,worry less. Read up on household and online safety for yourself and your kids. We’ve got your real watch dog covered, too. We can help you find pet sitters and pet adoption services.

We’re your coach. Take control of your life, accomplish your personal goals and make your dreams come true. We can help you make a plan, get you headed in the right direction and give you tips for making it all happen. We also can help you succeed on the job. We can teach you how to lead effective meetings and get credit for your work. Plus, you can test yourself on how well you can manage conflict in your personal relationships.

And yes, we’re good listeners.
We’re here for you by phone and online. You get 24/7 toll-free access to counselors. You can speak with a legal or financial expert for help on divorce,custody, consumer issues and more. Call 800-999-7222 to get confidential help. And when you’re at www.anthemeap.com (Company code "SISC") and need help, we’re there too.

Keeping a healthy, balanced life has never been easier. Let your Employee Assistance Program help.

Put your Employee Assistance Program to work and balance your life like a pro.  Visit www.anthemeap.com (Company code "SISC").